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Fatal Ambulance Crash in Georgia

Ambulance Rear-Ended by Fleeing Car

A CAR CARRYING THREE PEOPLE near Brunswick, Georgia, rear-ended an ambulance at high-speed Tuesday morning.  The crash sent the ambulance careening across the highway and demolished the car, killing all three passengers who were not wearing seat belts.  The car was fleeing from a Glynn County Police officer who had been following them after witnessing some suspicious activity and had tried to pull the driver over.

Glynn County police dash cam records the
car striking the rear of the ambulance.

The Athens Banner Herald reports:

Glynn County patrol officer Carl Evans was checking around businesses off Perry Lane Road just west of Interstate 95 about 12:45 a.m. when he saw the Corolla emerge from behind Guest Cottages and Suites hotel, Doering said.

Not only was the car similar to descriptions of one seen in the area of recent auto burglaries, it also remained at the stop sign longer than normal, Doering said.

Evans shined his car spotlight on the driver and saw that her head was forward as if she were looking down toward her lap, he said "He thought she was asleep at the wheel, and the spotlight woke her up,’’ Doering said.

(The car's driver) looked up suddenly, draped her safety belt over her shoulder and then turned onto Perry Lane Road toward Spur 25 at a normal speed, Doering said.

Suspecting criminal activity, Evans got behind the Corolla after it turned onto Spur 25 and turned on his emergency lights whereupon Smith suddenly accelerated and kept going reaching a speed of 100 mph with Evans following, Doering said.

The car had gone through several green traffic lights but as it approached one intersection there was a red light with a Southside Community Fire Protection ambulance sitting there.  As the Corolla approached, the light turned green and the ambulance started moving just as the car plowed into the rear, triggering the collsion.

The 3 unbelted passengers were all killed
immediately.  Glynn County police video.

The ambulance was on a non-emergency transport with a patient, but the only injury in the amblance were some "not serious" injuries to the patient.

WJXT-TV Ch. 4 Jacksonville has a video report that includes much of the police dash cam video HERE.

Read the full, descriptive story in the Banner Herald HERE.

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