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LODD X 2 – Germany

Two-Vehicle Crash While Responding

TWO VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS in Erklenz, Germany, were killed today (Thursday) when one of them, a 19-yr.-old member was responding to the firehouse on an alarm and ran head-on into the fire engine that was responding from the station to the fire.  The wreck was on a curve and the young man in the private vehicle drifted over the center line directly into the path of the pumper.

There was little left of the private auto.  (RP Online)

The car was demolished by the impact and the pumper overturned.  Both drivers were killed immediately and two other firefighters in the engine were seriously injured.  One of them age 39 was flown by helicopter to Aachen in critical condition.  The other, age 30, was transported to Erklenz in serious condition.

RP Online

Wiebold TV News has additional photos HERE.

Thanks to Christian Lewalter / Feuerwehr Weblog.

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