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Pool Drain Traps Belly Button Ring

A GREELEY, COLORADO, WOMAN WHO WAS swimming with her toddler daughter at an indoor water park Wednesday when she suddenly got snared by something on the bottom.

Fortunately she was in a children's wading pool that was only filled with six inches of water, so she wasn't "dragged under." But it turned out that her belly button ring had gotten caught in a drain cover.  Despite all her machinations and tugging, it wouldn't come free.  So after what seemed like a half-hour, she called on the lifeguard for help.

Image of a similar adornment
provided by KDVR-TV

KDVR-TV continues:

"We had a lifeguard get in and try to help her. We tried to cut it loose. We were not able to do that," a pool supervisor said.

"The lifeguard tried to cut it out. But it was too close to the skin. So, I told him they could call the fire department," she says. All the while, staying calm and collected.

Greeley firefighters arrived soon after–asking lifeguards to drain the pool, which they did. "They removed the drain (cover), then got her away from the pool and disengaged it," says Greeley Fire Division Chief Dale Lyman.

Ironically, the pool had just installed Federally approved "safe" drain covers in their facility.

KDVR-TV posted this video report:


Watch KUSA-TV's video report:


Greeley Fire Department WEBSITE.

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