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A WORKING APARTMENT FIRE WITH PEOPLE TRAPPED in Buffalo, New York, Friday brought a fast response….. from two off-duty firefighters who were nearby and spotted the smoke around 9:30 am and self-dispatched to the scene where they found an injured woman on the ground who had already jumped from the 2nd floor of the 3-story brick building.


Firefighters Jeff Kane and Bob Carnevale were joined by a DEA agent who was also passing by and they went through the smoke-filled building leading the disoriented residents to safety.  Many of them were unable to get themselves out and the fast actions saved them from injury.

The Buffalo News reported:

Kane, Carnevale and an off-duty special agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration rushed into the building, none realizing the others were there. They crawled on their hands and knees and evacuated (several) residents who were trapped inside.

Amazingly, there were no fatalities, but four people were reported injured, including the woman who leaped from the window and a fire chief who suffered a minor knee injury.

Fire investigators have not determined the cause of the blaze, which displaced about 50 people, but officials believe it started in the apartment from which the woman jumped.

"This could have been a tragic scenario," said Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield, who credited firefighters, including the two off-duty firefighters, as well as the DEA agent, who happened to be driving by as dark smoke billowed out of the three-story brick building.

WIVB-TV prepared this video report that interviews the two FF's:


Fire crews respond to apartment blaze

WGRZ-TV posted this brief raw video of the fire:


FirefighterNation has the STORY.
The Buffalo News has more details HERE.

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