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Wrong-Way Autobahn Driver Kills Six

Chain Reaction Collisions Leave 5 More Seriously Injured

FOR THE SIXTH TIME IN AS MANY WEEKS, a wrong-way driver in Germany has caused a fatal collision.  The latest occurred Sunday morning on the A5 in Baden-Wurttemberg when a car hurtling along the autobahn in foggy weather at 6 am slammed head-on at full speed into a van carrying five passengers.  All six people died immediately.

Spiegel / dapd

Within a few seconds, other cars coming up on the wreck suddenly in the restricted visibility began crashing into each other with a result of five more people being seriously injured.

The local volunteer ambulance service responded with six ambulances and 22 EMT's who found what the police described as "a picture of terror."  The police have already determined that the 20-yr-old man driving alone in the car entered the freeway improperly by driving down an exit ramp into the oncoming traffic.

Reuters has filed this video report:


Der Spiegel has the STORY.

Thanks to Christian Lewalter / Feuerwehr Weblog

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