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Morning Lineup – November 19

Monday Morning – How To Be Productive

Already we have an update to yesterday morning's Lineup where we reviewed the lockout situation in the National Hockey League.  (If you were offline yesterday, check it out HERE.)  Over the weekend there were a couple of informal meetings between representatives of the two sides and they have agreed to resume discussions this evening.  The NHL issued the following statement, in part:

Negotiations between the National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players' Association toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement are expected to resume Monday, according to NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly.

"We can confirm that we have tentatively agreed to get back together on Monday, either late in the afternoon or early evening," Daly said. "The meeting was requested by the Union and it's their agenda. We will see what they have to tell us."

The sides have not met since Nov. 11, when they got together for roughly 90 minutes and discussed player-contracting issues.

We'll be keep an ear to the door tonight and see if this meeting is better than the last one which ended with a shouting match.

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Our own web crawler, the energetic Mark Donovan passed along this story from NBC news the other day that trumps the current concerns about "texting while driving."  Police in Mainz, Germany, pulled over and eventually ticketed a man who is undoubtedly the world's champ road warrior.  Mike "FossilMedic" Ward will undoubtedly pick up some valuable pointers from this dedicated digital entrepreneur.  From the article:

Undercover highway police in southern Germany on Monday pulled over a 34-year-old IT specialist after he conducted an illegal passing maneuver and was going 80 miles per hour in a reduced 62-mile-per-hour zone on Germany's infamous super highway, the autobahn.

"The officers were quite surprised when they found a laptop, a printer and even a medium-size voltage transformer attached to a wood rack that was set up next to the center console," police spokesman Stephan Lassotta told NBC News.

In addition, the German highway patrol found two cellphones and a navigation system installed in the windshield of the driver's car.

"We could not prove that the driver had been using the equipment while driving, so he was not fined for that violation," Lassotta added.

So he got away with just a speeding ticket …. and a Star is Born.

Peeking in the cab of the pumper, it's getting to look more like another road warrior setup every month.  We'd better get it checked out now while the next pot of coffee runs through the Bunn-O-Matic.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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