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Morning Lineup – November 20

Tuesday Morning – Where's the Nearest ATM?

You can sure tell that Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days.  I went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some things, and while it wasn't what I would call "crowded," it was well-populated with people pushing a cart with one hand and holding on to a long list with the other hand, with a bewildered look on their faces as they scan the shelves for something that they can't find.  I'm glad that I went yesterday.  It only gets worse today and more so tomorrow.

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With the onset of the expanded, 6-week holiday period on us, there will be the usual uptick in ATM usage as people get into dedicated shopping routines.  But that doesn't explain the unusually long line at one ATM in Glasgow, Scotland, this past Saturday as seen in this photo:

Twitter image

What was it that triggered this crowd to line up and patiently wait their turn to punch in their PIN and then move on?  Apparently the machine started dispensing double the amount of cash that you asked for and were charged with.  Request £50 and get £100, but only get charged for the £50.  Word got out rather quickly and the run was on.  The bank was unaware of the increased activity and dispensing mishap until somebody posted that pic you see above on Twitter.

Once they got a grip on what was happening, the bank officials got the police to descend on the scene and stop the plundering until they were able to get the machine turned off. 

Unfortunately the thing made such a mess of the record-keeping that the bankers fear that they will never be able to learn who walked away with the Christmas bonuses.  The Daily Mail reported on the flub.

No PIN required to get this equipment checked out, though.   So let's get started with that and I'll fire up the B-O-M so that the java will be ready when we meet back in the day room.

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