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Tanker vs. Tree in Maine

Tanker Totaled

THE SOUTH BERWICK (Maine) FIRE DEPARTMENT's tanker wrecked Sunday afternoon while returning to quarters from a fire call.  While traveling down a rural road, the truck went off the road and smashed into a tree, destroying the cab and front end of the tanker.

The South Berwick engine and tanker were dispatched at 2:15 on a mutual aid assist to Eliot, but were returned to service before they arrived.  The 3,000-gal. tanker was being driven by Adam Leach, 31, who turned the truck down another road leading back to the station when he lost control for some reason and crashed into the pine tree.

Leach is an oil tank driver for his occupation and is well experienced with liquid cargo and has been a member of the department for 15 years.  South Berwick Fire Chief George Gorman says that he believes the wreck may have been caused by "a medical problem," but did not elaborate on that.

The truck was fully insured.

The Portland Press Herald has the STORY.

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