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Former FBI Profiler Guides Arson Investigator to Arrests

"It was really scary how dead on he was on the age and where he thought it would happen again,"

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE, ARSON INVESTIGATOR Captain Travis Kincaid saw that a serial arsonist was at work in the city, so he turned to a University of Tennessee professor for some advice.  Dr. David Icove is a noted former profiler from the FBI and, after reviewing the growing case file, he described the arsonist and suggested where to expect his next torching.

WBIR-TV Ch. 10 reports:

Authorities have arrested four young adults and one juvenile in a multiple agency serial arson sting involving more than twenty fires.

Mathew Dilbeck

Knoxville Fire and Explosions Investigator Captain Travis Kincaid says they called upon Dr. David Icove, who currently works as a UT professor. "It was really scary how dead on he was on the age and where he thought it would happen again," says Kincaid.

They used Icove's analysis to lay out a surveillance area. Saturday night Kincaid says an officer spotted a fire in the vicinity, and a black car nearby. Kincaid was able to spot the car as well, and followed the suspects to a Strolling Drive home.

"They were so scared when they got out of the car, they kept it in gear and the car kept going,"says Kincaid. He says they confessed shortly after. The situation is exceptionally unique, Kincaid says, because of the relatively large and tight knit group starting the fires.

Authorities arrested Devon Marie Daugherty, 19, Shelby McMillan, 19, Mathew Dilbeck, 20, and Derek Allen Belyea, 19, on multiple charges. A juvenile also faces charges but officials did not release his or her name. The group faces charges including arson, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia. All of the fires occurred within a 5-mile radius of a street where three of them live.

Ch. 10 also filed this video report:


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