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Morning Lineup – November 21

Wednesday Morning – Let's Negotiate

For you straight daywork folks, Hump Day is also Getaway Day this week with the big holiday tomorrow and recuperation period on Friday.  It will be tough to keep your mind on your work today, I know.  But at least try.

Well, we have still another NHL update again today.  Both sides, the owners and players' union are getting a bit antsy to get things wrapped up and get the show started as soon as they can.  Two days ago, on Monday I told you that they had agreed to a meet-and-talk session on Monday evening and it lasted all of 90 minutes.  But after circling a while, the owners asked the players to submit a formal proposal on all of the major issues in order to move the process forward.

"It’s our position that we’ve made a couple comprehensive proposals in a row," NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly stated. "We’d like to know where they are on all of the issues. We asked that they put together a comprehensive proposal for us to consider,"  as reported by the Associated Press.  The AP continues:

(Players union) Executive Director Donald Fehr said he planned to confer with the union’s constituents about the league’s request and that the two sides would touch base Tuesday morning to plan the next session. According to ESPN’s Katie Strang, they might wait until Wednesday to meet again so that the NHLPA can draft a new proposal.

"We talked about various things. No new proposals were made, they were not expected to be made," Fehr told reporters in New York. "We had hoped to engage them in a discussion about the player contracting issues that are so important to the players. At least tonight, they were unwilling to do that."

How the union responds to the league’s request for an all-encompassing proposal, and how the owners receive it, will determine where things go next.

Reporters are saying that this last session did not exhibit any of the anger or conflict that previous session had, so maybe they are through throwing "gorilla dust" and ready to do some serious negotiating.

Lockout Day #67 and Counting

Getting our equipment checked is non-negotiable, so let's get started with that now while I get another pot running before we meet back in the digital day room.

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