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Stings Nab Firefighters Here and There


A JOHNSTON, RHODE ISLAND, FIREFIGHTER is missing some paychecks now after being caught in a police sting operation against drug traffickers.  David Lashus has been on tax-exempt injury leave for three years while nursing a sore back and perhaps fighting boredom from the inactivity.  Now his interest has probably picked up after being notified by the mayor that he is now on suspension without pay following his arrest. 

NBC10 News

WJAR-TV Ch. 10 Providence is reporting:

Lashus and his 21-year-old son were arrested last week. Police said the younger Lashus took delivery of a marijuana package from California. Investigators said they found about 100 pot plants, guns and thousands of dollars in cash in the family's house in Johnston.

Ch. 10 also posted this video report:


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TWO MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, FIREFIGHTERS have plead guilty and are awaiting sentencing for their parts in a conspiricy to extort scheme against a Beach nightclub owner.  Earlier this year seven Miami Beach city employees including the two FF's were nailed in an FBI sting operation set up to catch the perps.

The Miami Herald tells us:

A fired Miami Beach code enforcement supervisor who led the shakedown of a nightclub owner for thousands of dollars was sent to prison Tuesday for more than four years.

Jose Alberto was arrested along with six other Miami Beach employees earlier this year in an FBI sting operation that shook City Hall. Collectively, the ring extorted $25,000 from the Miami Beach nightclub owner, who tipped off authorities.

In August, Alberto pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit extortion. He admitted personally accepting 22 separate cash bribes totaling $16,600 from the Club Dolce owner and an FBI undercover agent.

Prosecutors accused Alberto and his colleagues of shaking down the owner of Club Dolce on Ocean Drive while demanding he pay for "protection" to avoid city fines and inspections.

The sensational sting featured the undercover FBI agent posing as the club manager who fooled them all as he partied with some of the municipal employees.

Miami Beach firefighters Chai Footman, 37, and Henry Bryant, 46, also were charged for their roles in the same alleged extortion scheme. Both have plead guilty.

Chai Footman (Miami New Times)

After accepting a few thousand dollars in bribes to help the South Beach club gloss over code violations and tax debts, Alberto introduced club management to Bryant, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jared Dwyer.

Bryant conspired to expedite permits while finding police escorts for cocaine deals, Dwyer said.

A separate indictment charged Miami-Dade police Officer Daniel Mack, 48, with helping Bryant transport more than a dozen kilograms of fake cocaine for undercover agents in exchange for $25,000. Mack and Bryant were charged with conspiring to possess and distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.

It gets a lot more involved than that.  We recommend that you read the FULL STORY HERE.

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