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LODD – South Africa

After Rescuing Four Victims

A FIREFIGHTER IN DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, died Tuesday after falling ill related to a confined space rescue the day before. 

Independent Online News reports:

A Transnet National Ports Authority fireman has died after failing to recover from a rescue mission on Monday evening in which four people were rescued from a ship in Durban harbour.

Four painters had been trapped in a confined space in the hull of the MSC Carlo, which was docked at Berth 202 in Durban harbour. The Ports Authority Durban spokeswoman Zama Mncwabe said the men had been issued with a confined-space permit to carry out painting. "The Master of the MSC Carla reported that seven contractors were working in the area, that three had exited the confined space and that four were unconscious."

ER24 spokesman Andre Visser said that rescue workers were sent into the tanks with specialised rescue and breathing equipment. The contractors were suffering from breathing difficulties and received supplemental oxygen and treatment before being taken hospital.

After the rescue, fire and emergency crews were checked and accounted for. "A debriefing was conducted and all was in order," said Mncwabe.

At 4.50am on Tuesday, when the crews reported to the duty office to hand over the shift, it became apparent that one of the fireman was not well. Mncwabe said Samuel Ngomane was taken to King Edward VIII Hospital and admitted to the trauma unit. The 32-year-old died soon after being admitted. His cause of death is not yet known.

Transnet National Ports Authority WEBSITE.

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