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Ambulance Rollover in Oklahoma

While Going Through a Red Light …. Again

A MIDWEST CITY REGIONAL AMBULANCE collided with a car in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Thursday afternoon and rolled onto its side with a patient in back.


The ambulance was traveling with its emergency lights and siren activated while transporting a patient to the hospital when it went through a red traffic signal.  An automobile was on the cross street traveling though the green when it struck the right-side real of the ambulance, tipping it over.  KOCO-TV reported:

The SUV driver told KOCO-TV that they had a green light and didn't hear the ambulance's siren.

The Emergency Medical Services Authority said four people were in the back of the ambulance at the time of the wreck.

Officials later said three ambulance staffers and one patient were taken to Mercy Hospital in good condition. Firefighters said none of the injuries was serious.

View KOCO-TV's video report from the scene HERE.

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