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Morning Lineup – November 23

Friday Morning – Attention Shoppers!

I want to lead off this morning's Lineup with Kudo's and Congratulations to long-time reader Ben Morgan down in southern Florida.  He is the first one to spot the Geezer Cup in the Pilgrim's Thanksgiving portrait that we post every year (see yesterday's Lineup HERE).  This was the 4th consecutive Thanksgiving that we posted the enhanced portrait, but Ben was the first one ever to catch it.  I don't know if he caught the Travel Mug or not, but it is just a few pixels to the left of the GeezerCup.  The gent leaning on the table is holding one.

Good job, Ben!

*  *  *

The dedicated shopping season kicks off today.  This is when the annual raid on the ATM's and unrelenting assaults on the credit cards begin.  Shop 'til you drop, folks.  I'm a big fan of shopping at, as you probably know already.  They have access to almost everything that is sold at the retail level and then some.  I buy enough stuff from them that I benefit many times over from their Amazon Prime program which costs a few bucks a year but gives me FREE 2-day delivery on all my orders.  That's right… it's no delivery charges and you get it in one or two days.

I'll pass along a recent experience that even impressed me about the Prime program.  This past Monday evening I placed an order for a carton of incandescent light bulbs.  I think it was around 8 or 9 pm that I punched it in, and at 10 am Tueseday – the very next day – the UPS truck delivered it.  That's about 12 hours later, for gosh sakes.  I know that Amazon and UPS are both all geared up already for the big rush (there were two men on the delivery truck),  but still…… Wow.

I pointed out to you a couple or three weeks ago that Amazon is now offering the Prime program on a monthly basis instead of annually for a slightly higher effective charge.  So now you can enjoy that benefit for a short-range period if you wish.  Prime has other benefits too, mostly with free DVD and television streaming, but the delivery scheme is enough for me.

We need to get our equipment check scheme going now, so let's get started with that while I fire up the Bunn-O-Matic for a fresh pot when we get back to the digital day room in a few minutes.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

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