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Partial Collapse of Firehouse Traps Pumper

Appears To Be Limited Mostly To Front Wall

LAKE STATION, INDIANA, FIREHOUSE #2 experienced a partial building collapse Wednesday evening.

Sun-Times News Service

Videographer Mabas21 commented:

Fire station number two located at 3107 E 35th Ave in Lake Station collapsed onto engine 6 and the ceiling was coming down. Engine 6 was being pulled out of the building, but there was never any contact made between the engine or the building. All fire department members got out without injury. Engine 5 and rescue 10 were pulled out unharmed via the second bay. Engine 6 was pulled out after a front end loader lifted a beam and material off of it.

One of the trusses was laying across the pumper and that incidence may have prevented the rest of the roof from coming down.

Mabas21 posted this raw video taken right after the event:


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