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Dorelus Did It

A BRADENTON, FLORIDA, MAN IS BACK BEHIND BARS today after Manatee County deputies found him Friday afternoon.  His brief life on the lam started Thursday afternoon at his house when he got into an argument with his wife.  As words were flying and angers were rising, Evincse Dorelus, 36, grabbed his pistol and shot his wife, thus ending the argument.

Evincse Dorelus

But instead of calling the ambulance and then having to explain it all to the police (who are already acquainted with Evincse), he just walked her to the car and drove her to the hospital where he thoughtfully left her off at the ER loading bay and then drove away.

The sheriff's detectives caught up with him at 1:30 pm yesterday and his long weekend became noticably shorter.  His 33-yr.-old wife was treated for her wound and then released.  Evincse hasn't been released….yet.

The Bradenton Herald has the STORY.

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