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Another Ambulance Head-On Crash …. One Killed, 5 Injured

Ambulance Parked With Patient in Back

A HOUSTON, TEXAS, FIRE DEPT. AMBULANCE WAS TOTALLED Monday morning when an SUV slammed into it at speed around 4:30 am Central.  An HFD rescue squad was assisting the ambulance crew with a heart attack victim who had just been put into the back of the ambulance when the crash occurred.

Houston Chronicle

KHOU-TV tells us:

Five firefighters and EMS workers have been taken to hospitals, all with injuries. They are said to be in stable condition.

The patient and the family member of that patient were also transferred to a hospital. They are listed in stable condition as well.

"They had been on scene 20 minutes. They had the patient in the back of the ambulance. They had one next of kin in the front seat that was going to the hospital with them," said Jay Evans with the Houston Fire Department. " There was an SUV going westbound on Holman that struck head-on with the ambulance."

The driver of the SUV was killed instantly, but fortunately none of the other victims have been reported as seriously injured.

Houston Chronicle

KHOU-TV filed this video report this morning:


The Houston Chronicle has MORE.

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