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Irate Fire-Starter Whangs Firefighter on Head With Shovel

"What Do You Mean, I Can't Burn My Stuff?"

A PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA, MAN is in jail on felony charges after hitting a fire lieutenant on his head with a shovel Friday.  Fortunately the fire officer was wearing his helmet and was not injured.  The excitement began when Gregory Sean Turner, 44, decided to burn some personal belongings in his back yard disregarding the local ordinance that prohibits outside fires such as that.

When the Port Charlotte FD engine showed up with Lt. Jon Jenson on board, he advised Turner that the fire was illegal and had to be put out.  Instead of complying, Turner began yelling profanities and telling the firefighters to get off his property.  When Lt. Jenson brought a small hose line around back to extinguish the fire, Turner got irate and started menacing Jenson with a shovel.  When Turner got within 2 ft. of the FF, Jenson sprayed him in the face with the nozzle, thus stopping his advances.

Turner then started swinging the shovel and struck Jenson on his helmet just as the police arrived.  They tasered the wild man and arrested him.  He has been charged with aggravated battery on a firefighter with a deadly weapon (shovel), and preventing or obstructing extinguishment of a fire.

WZVN-TV filed this video report: WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Turner is still being held in lieu of his $27,500 bond.

The Sun-Sentinel has more details HERE.

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