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Challenging Fire in Montreal

Residential Exposure Problem

A MAJOR FIRE IN A MONTREAL, Quebec, oil delivery firm Friday evening brought 150 firefighters to the scene.  The Leonard & Rioux fuel oil delivery storage and garage building was fully involved in an area surrounded by homes and an immediate exposure problem faced the FD.

TVA News

Declining to put water into the building where oil was on fire, the FD special called a foam truck to cover the interior while the hose lines were used to protect the exposures.

The fire began around 4 pm and was knocked down in just under two hours, although units were on the scene for several more hours working the hot spots and pockets where a portion of the roof had collapsed.

Compounding the fire problem were oil delivery trucks and storage tanks inside the building, and some diesel storage as well.  The firefighters were able to successfully contain the fire without any extension to other properties other than some electric lines.

TVA News

TVA News has several good videos with fire footage HERE.
La Presse has MORE.

This home video taken from one of the exposure homes dramatizes the extent of the containment problem:


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