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NoLa Ambulance Gets the Boot

No More Po' Boys From That Place

A NEW ORLEANS EMS UNIT was parked with its emergency lights on, outside Quicky's Discount convenience store while the medics were tending to a man inside who had chest pains.  After they took care of him and packaged him up, they brought the patient out to the ambulance and prepared to transport him to the hospital.  But the ambulance wouldn't go anywhere because some zealous store employee had slipped outside and "booted" the unit while the crew was taking care of the critically-ill customer.


Eventually one of the store employees came out and unlocked the boot, but it left the tire flat.  Strike two.


Another ambulance was dispatched to transport the patient and WWL-TV dispatched a news crew to file this video report from the scene:


Quicky's Discount Convenience Store
(Google Street View)

Quicky's is located at 2701 Tulane Ave.  They do not have a website, but they do have a telephone:  504-822-8977

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