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Morning Lineup – December 3

Monday Morning – It Weighs How Much?

As we get firmly implanted into December, another digital milestone is passing through.  On Friday we told you (HERE) about the 20th anniversary of the smartphone.  That's not to be confused with the standard wireless mobile phone which was already in limited use at the time.  But there was another earth-stopping advance in wireless communications 20 years ago that warrants mention.

Scripps Media tells us this morning that today is the 20th anniversary of the first text message sent to a mobile phone:  British engineer Neil Papworth was just 22 years old when he sent the first ever SMS (Short Messaging Service) from his computer to a friend's Orbitel 901 mobile phone. The message read "Merry Christmas."  Now you know who to blame for all those dime-you-to-death phone charges your kids keep running up.  Thanks, Neil!

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One of our commercial associates here at Firegeezer is, the We-Sell-Everything retailing engine that is famous for their sales innovations.  One of them is their creation of the Amazon Prime program that charges a set fee of $79 annually that gives you free 2-day delivery of almost anything that you order.  The exceptions are most 3rd-party sales where your order is relayed to another vendor or producer who ships to you directly.  I want to remind you that Amazon has just recently expanded the Prime program to where you can subscribe to it on a monthly basis if you don't want to be beholded for a full year.  And what better month of the year to take advantage of that than December? 

I think I already told you about a recent experience I had with this service when I ordered something online at 8 pm and it was delivered to me 14 hours later at 10 am the next morning.  I still can't figure out how they did that.  There isn't any Amazon distribution center anywhere near to me.  It's magic, I guess.  But as far as how great your savings can be with the "free" part of the shipping, some curious fellow set out to find out what the heaviest item is that you can order and have delivered for free.  And this unknown consumer decided that it is most likely the Cannon Safe Co.'s CO54 Commander Series 90-minute fire-rated floor safe.  The thing weighs over 3/4-ton, 1,672 lbs. to be exact.  And… it's already marked down 15%.

Alas, the unknown shopper missed the small print that says the safe does not qualify for the Prime free shipping benefit.  That doesn't surprise me, though.  Anyway, where would you put something like that?  It's too heavy for anything but the basement unless you have a slab house.  And getting it in there….whoo.

Well, we'd better get over to our 15-ton apparatus and get things checked out for today.  I'll get some more nutritional coffee going for us and then meet you back in the day room.

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