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Morning Lineup – December 5

Wednesday Morning – More Updates

It seem like our Lineups lately have been mostly about things we talked about in previous Lineups.  Topics with staying power, you might say.  Well, today we will continue the current trend and rag out a couple of hangers-on.  First I will harken back to Monday's Lineup when I broke the bad news that it was the 20th anniversary of "texting" messages via wireless phone.  The man who sent that historic message wasn't the inventer of the process, just one of the engineers that constructed the digital platform making it all possible.

Neil Papworth, the poor guy who is getting all the blame for this, was recently interviewed by Tom Hornyak for CNet and it is an interesting chat about the "invention."  He tells about the obstacles they needed to overcome to make the Short Message Service (SMS) system work and more fascinating anecdotes about it.  But he pleads to not blame him for the messed-up lingo that is an outgrowth of the 160-character message system.  Read the full interview HERE.  I fnd it 2B fun.

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And we can't go too long without an NHL update as we watch the league self-destruct over a few billion dollars.  The hastily arranged meeting between some owners and players' reps. without any negotiators present seems to have had a positive start.  The Tuesday afternoon meeting in a Manhattan hotel was started off well and promised to be productive, so after four hours of discussions, they took a 2-hour dinner break and then reconvened in the evening.

The meeting adjourned at 11 pm and the group agreed to reconvene today (Wednesday) for a continuation of the talks.  The NHL posted this update:

"I appreciate the efforts of the players, in particular we had 18 players in there [Tuesday] and six of our owners,” National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said after the meeting adjourned shortly after midnight. “I think everybody is working hard. I think everybody wants to get a deal done, so I think that’s encouraging. We look forward to hopefully making more progress [Wednesday]."

Daly said the NHL and National Hockey League Players' Association have not confirmed when they will resume discussions Wednesday, but it will likely be before the NHL convenes its Board of Governors meeting at 11 a.m. ET. Daly said the sides will also likely meet in the afternoon Wednesday after the conclusion of the Board of Governors meeting.

"I thought it was a constructive day, we had a good dialogue," NHLPA Special Counsel Steve Fehr said. "In some ways I'd say it might be the best day we've had, which isn't to paint too overly optimistic of a picture. There is still a lot of work to do and a lot to get done, but we'll be back at it [Wednesday] morning."

And the doomsday clock keeps ticking.

Our readiness clock is ticking here, so let's get started with the equipment check.  I'm heading for the coffee pot to get some more of that nutritious stuff started.  It will be ready when we meet back in the day room in a little while.

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