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Morning Lineup – December 6

Thursday Morning – Catching Up on the Latest News

Still more follow-ups coming over the transom this mornng.  You might recall our notice on November 12 about the eccentric multi-millionaire John McAfee being implicated in the murder of his neighbor in Belize where he has been living for several years.  McAfee is the computer anti-virus pioneer who got his quick millions from the software company that he founded in his name.  He sold the business in 1994, took the money and ran off to Caribe in 2008 to live in Belize.

He has been associated with the criminal drug trade in Belize  while his own brain has been going off cock-eyed for the past few years and was immediately suspect in this murder.  Our article on the crime along with some links to background stories is POSTED HERE.  Immediately after the murder, McAfee went on the lam one step ahead of the police who want to talk to him.  He is in the news today because he surfaced Tuesday in Guatemala seeking refuge and claiming that "corrupt government officials" in Belize are trying to frame him for the murder.  He admitted that he entered Guatemala illegally while fleeing the Belize police authorities who publicly claim that he is not a prime suspect in the case.  Guatemala officials say that by sometime this morning McAfee will be expelled from the country for his illegal entry.  There is no international warrant out for him however.  The latest chapter in this weird saga is HERE.

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On Tuesday Mark D. pointed out to us that the television program Extreme Makeover Home Edition the night before had rebuilt the home of a Texas volunteer firefighter whose house was one of 1,600 homes destroyed in a massive grass fire last year.  The community's firehouse in Bastrop County was also heavily damaged with much equipment lost as well and the rebuild and restocking of the fire station was included in the project.  (See our Tuesday Lineup with the story HERE.)

Keeping up with the event, Mark lets us know that ABC Network has posted the entire program from Monday night (in two segments) on their website.  So when you get the chance, you might want to watch it.  It's a really, nice story and I think you will enjoy it.

Watch Part One HERE.     Watch Part Two HERE.

The FD is having their open house party this Saturday, December 8.

We need to hold our equipment check party now, so let's get started.  I'm moving toward the Bunn-O-Matic to get some more of that good stuff ready for when we meet back in the day room.  See you there. 

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