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EMS Patient-Hacking … Part 3

Bound To Be More After These…

MORE NOTIFICATIONS ARE COMING OUT in connection with the  EMS patient hacking scandal involving Advanced Data Processing.  Previously, Firegeezer reported HERE and HERE on the travails of the billing agency where an employee was part of a criminal ring and was stealing ambulance patients' personal identification information that was being used to file phoney tax returns to get fraudulent refunds.

Advanced Data handles the billing accounts of 27 EMS agencies in 17 states and we told you that four cities in California had patients whose identities were stolen, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Corona, and El Centro.  Another agency has just been identified as being victimized by the conspirators.

Frederick County, Maryland, announced yesterday (Friday) that they have been notified that some of their patients have been victims of the fraud.  The theft included ambulance data from Frederick County and First Response Medical Transportation Corp.

The Associated Press has the brief report HERE.

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