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Morning Lineup – December 8

Saturday Morning – Let's Go Shopping

Do you have any of those CVS Pharmacies in your neighborhood?  Chances are, you very well might.  The drugstore chain that is headquartered in Rhode Island has been buying up smaller and regional pharmacy chains climbing from 700 stores, all in New England, 25 years ago to over 7,000 stores in 41 states today.  CVS is now the country's 2nd-largest drugstore chain (Walgreen's is still #1).

One of the things that CVS is noted for, besides not carrying what you want in the first place, is their champion cash register receipts.  Most non-grocery retail stores give you a sales receipt that is about 5 to 7 inches long, but CVS spits out these strips of paper that are sometimes longer than the Safeway weekly shopping trip gives you.  CVS uses their cash register to give you ads, entry blanks, shopping tips and coupons that give you discounts on future purchases.  When you walk out of their store, you are rewarded with an evening's reading on a 2-ft. stip of register tape.

In the past I have read of some noteworthy register receipts from them that have garnered mention, but yesterday I was thrust into the Register Receipt Hall of Fame.  The cash register started printing it out and just kept on going and going.  The clerk was gathering it up as fast as she could move, winding it around her hands as the checkout line behind me was getting longer and longer.  When I walked out of there, I had enough ExtraBucks Rewards and Extracare Coupons to pay for a tank of gas.  I knew that I had a champion here.  It definitely is a personal best.

When I got home, I just had to measure this thing and see what I had.  So I laid it out along the countertop, grabbed a measuring tape and …..   Are you ready?  It is 58-¼ inches long.  Held up vertically it's taller than many adults.  So that's the current record here, although I realize that could be bested at any time.  If you can beat that, then send me an email as soon as you get home and we will give you all the recognition your hard shopping deserves.

For now, we need to take measured steps over to the apparatus and get our equipment checked out.  I'll get more coffee (NOT purchased at CVS) started and then see you back in the day room in a little while.

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