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Saturday Car-Toon: 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Poetry in Motion

Second week with the same theme, a superb German vehicle that is DRIVEN.

From a May 28, 2012 Depth of Speed article by Josh Clason:

Depth of Speed: Poetry in Motion from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to drive a car that I only have ever seen sitting behind ropes or rolling across a prime time spot in a high profile auction.  That car was a grey 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.  I was in disbelief when the owner asked if I wanted to pilot it down the open runway with my wife.  Knowing this was a one in a lifetime chance, I didn’t hesitate to open up the door and maneuver in.  For the owner of this beautiful machine this is the way to fully enjoy this masterpiece of a car.  Keeping the car driving on the road is the way it is meant to be enjoyed and not stuck in a museum or private collection.

This 300SL Gullwing is the culmination of a thirty year dream.  This car doesn’t represent one piece in a collection, it is the entire collection.  This is a dream that has come to fruition after 30 years of hard work and getting oneself into a position to own the car that has been yearned for for thirty years.  For myself, the idea of dreaming for one car and working hard for years and years is truly inspirational.  It helps me keep the dream alive for the cars that I desire to own in the years to come.

When I first came across this story I was in disbelief that there was someone who drives a car of this magnitude often and all across the country in various states of weather. Knowing there was someone who was doing so brought a smile to my face and made me happy that this car was being enjoyed in a way it was meant to be. Other Gullwings in museums and private collections have their place in preserving their place in history but there is just something about knowing that you can come across one of these on the open road or on your favorite drive is mind blowing.

A special thanks to Tom of for all of the help he has given in setting things up and subsequent videos.  If you need some great parts for your BMW 2002, check out his site.

Did you know this car requires 4 gallons of oil?  Yes, gallons.  The oil change interval is every thousand miles due to the direct injection.  Crazy.

We have set out on our journey across the USA. Join us over at the site and Facebook to find out where we currently are! If you have any car stories along our path please contact me.












Miles of Road: A Summer of Film and Design is the blog history of the Depth of Speed summer:

We are Josh and Becca Clason, and we spent over four months traveling around the USA in our 19-foot 2004 Airstream Bambi trailer while doing film and graphic design. Josh is a documentary filmmaker specializing in everything automotive and running a car stories web series called Depth of Speed, and I’m an independent graphic designer and lettering artist.

Check out Josh’s videos and view his Depth of Speed Facebook page. Click these links to see my portfolio website and my Dribbble page.

Our travels have come to a close, and we’ve settled in Los Angeles for the time being and are no longer living in an Airstream. I’m in the process of planning some follow-up posts about our travels this summer, but in the meantime, please enjoy our little travelogue!












Looks like they had a great adventure.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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