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Weird “Girl”friend vs. Hunka’ Firefighter Trial Goes to 2nd Alarm

Runner-up Model Charges Calendar Guy With Assault

FDNY FIREFIGHTER TAYLOR MURPHY was Mr. March in the New York Firefighters HUNKS Calendar, a career move that helped him meet people like Claudia Charriez, a transgendered model who spent the first 14 years of his/her life as a boy.

Mr. March  (Daily News / Finkelstein)

Murphy is on trial in Manhattan for what Charriez claimed was a vicious, physical attack by Murphy during the cessation of the pair's relationship which had been ongoing previously to the August 2011 assault.  The trial began earlier this week with the prosecution laying out the charges and eliciting testimony from Claudia (his/her current name).  But Friday the trial took fire on its own as Murphy's lawyer began a vigorous cross-examination (pun not intended).  The New York Daily News picks up the story:

Murphy is accused in Manhattan Supreme Court of violently attacking the stick-thin model during an August 2011 breakup that started outside a midtown jiggle joint.

Charriez, 31, earlier testified the 245-pound beefcake slammed her into a phone booth, dragged her by her hair and sat on her when the fight moved back to a hotel room. Then she claimed he bit and choked her so hard "my contact popped out of my eye."

But Berland veered to other topics Friday during Charriez’ nearly four hours of grueling cross-examination — such as why she charged her clients $300 per hour if she wasn’t doling out sex. At one point, her hourly rate jumped to $600, he pointed out.

"Dinner dates. Accompanied them on many different occasions," said Charriez, wearing an all-black miniskirt, blazer and heels ensemble. Then she lost it when Berland brought up her deceased ex-boyfriend — once the subject of fights between her and Murphy, 29.

Berland asked if she was taking estrogen at the time of their fights.

"I don’t need hormone therapy because at a very young age I was castrated," she said.

An earlier photo of Claudia in
his/her work clothes.  (YNaija)

And the second alarm was struck for the circus.

Claudia's cross-examination continues on Monday.  Tickets are going fast.

Read the full story in the Daily News HERE.
Naturally, The New York Post has MORE.

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