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Hunka FF vs. He/She Model Trial Continues….

Plaintive Cries of "Love You!" From the Plaintiff

THE CRIMINAL ASSAULT TRIAL against FDNY's Mr. March who is accused of violently attacking his pre-op transgendered-with-implants girl/boyfriend is contnuing this week.  If you missed the Firegeezer posting this past Saturday reporting on the trial against Firefighter Taylor Murphy, then CLICK HERE and get up to speed on the unique charges and courtroom drama that's unfolding in Manhattan.

Mr. March  (Daily News / Siegel)

Taylor, who was Mr. March in the FDNY Hunks calendar last year, is accused of attacking Claudia Charriez on the street and then dragging her by the hair for four blocks to a hotel where he continued to assault him/her in their room during a messy breakup in August of last year.  We learned from last week's testimony, among other things, that Claudia never needed homone therapy because he/she was castrated at a young age.  ABC News summarized it:

(this is) a case that one attorney compared to a "Lifetime movie" and an episode of the "Jerry Springer Show," in which a 265-pound firefighter is accused of punching, biting and strangling his transsexual ex-lover last August.

Taylor Murphy, 29, who once posed as Mr. March in a firefighter beefcake calendar, is charged with abusing Claudia Charriez, 31, a self-described escort who was kicked off the reality show "America's Next Top Model" in 2006 when it was revealed she was born man.

Prosecutors accuse Taylor, who was previously ordered by a court to stay away from Charriez, of calling her more than 1,000 times before finally blowing up at her following a night of drunken revelry at a strip club and later in a hotel room. Taylor allegedly became jealous and Charriez taunted him by calling him a "faggot," testimony revealed.

Prosecutor Kevin Rooney told jurors Taylor choked Charriez with "his massive hands… so hard that her contact popped out of her eye."

The trial resumed on Monday with Claudia still in the witness chair undergoing a grueling cross-examination by Murphy's lawyer who has been attacking his/her veracity.  During the give-and-take, the defense lawyer Jason Berland quizzed her about her claim to have been dragged by the hair up the street.  The New York Post tells us:

Charriez’s cross-examination by defense lawyer Jason Berland continued throughout the afternoon, getting harsh as the lawyer cornered her into admitting inconsistencies in her statements.

Had Murphy dragged her by her hair four blocks up Broadway, as she told the first cop? Or three blocks, as she told a second cop? Or half a block, as she claimed yesterday on the witness stand?

"Is this ‘Law & Order’?" Charriez snapped at the lawyer. "I’m so intimidated by you," she exclaimed helplessly at another point. "You’re just slamming the hell out of me."

"Just chill out," she advised the lawyer. "Like, seriously!"

Along the way, she called Murphy a drunk, implied he’d given her a venereal disease, and insisted that her elbow-length peroxide blonde locks had fallen out in handfuls after the assault because Murphy had pulled on them — not because they are extensions. "No! No!" she shouted, flicking her hair and sounding affronted. "This is my hair!"

During part of the examination Claudia began yelling across the courtroom to Murphy proclomations of her intense love for him.

Claudia and his/her golden locks in the witness chair
(Daily News / Siegel)

Read the full summary of Monday's testimony in the NY Post HERE.

The defense rested its case yesterday after calling just two witnesses including Murphy's father who is a retired Deputy Fire Chief.  The court was adjourned until today when the jury will be charged with the case and then begin deliberations.

The NY Daily News has the summary of yesterday's brief proceedings HERE.

Firegeezer will update when the verdict is reached and announced.

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