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Recycling the Old Fire Hall

Probably Has a Big Kitchen

THE DULUTH, MINNESOTA, FIRE DEPARTMENT moved out of and shut down the old Park Point Fire Hall No. 5 this past July.  The building was old, in need of repair and outmoded for current fire apparatus and needs, so the city advertised it for sale by auction.  While the city did not have any stipulations on the usage or plans by the winning bidder, they were hoping that the purchaser would preserve the historical nature of the building and not tear it down.

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The auction was held Friday and the winning bid of $235,000 was submitted by Bob and Laura Goewey who currently live in Park Point.  They plan to remodel and modernize the building and then live in it.  It also holds a sentimental value to them because Laura's great-grandfather was a city fireman in the early 1900's.  The Duluth News Tribune tells us:

Besides the fire hall built in 1930, the 50-by-100-foot lot at 2138 Minnesota Ave. has direct access to Lake Superior. The fire hall hasn’t been used since July. But it’s gone without needed repairs and upkeep for years.  The couple plan to rehabilitate the 3,120-square-foot building, adding insulation and installing a new roof, siding and windows. "It’ll look like it did originally from the outside," Bob Goewey said.

The Goeweys  (News Tribune)

Built in 1930, the fire hall was designed to complement the homes around it. It was identified as a historically significant structure in a 1984 inventory of buildings in Duluth.

Inside, the couple plan to keep the original configuration but update the bathroom and kitchen and other spaces for modern family living.

Bob Goewey owns a local home improvement store and says that he can complete the renovations himself for about $100,000.

WDIO-TV has more HERE.

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