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Morning Lineup – December 17

Monday Morning – Smile For the Camera

By now, most of you are familiar with the unique and novel Google Street View program.  We use it here on Firegeezer to show contemporary sites of buildings and areas that we're talking about in a report.  Also, millions of people (myself included) have used it personally to check out old neighborhoods  where we lived as children to see how they look today, and of the old school is still there.  Using the "travel" button we can move along the street and view entire towns as if we were riding there ourselves.  A lot of fun.

There is a photo-artist who has found another way to have fun with the GSV.  Jon Rafman of Montreal has the cooperation of Google in a project to look through the millions of street snaps that the Google SV cars have taken (and continue updating) on their travels.  He is culling the odd, the wacky, and the visually attractive shots and assembling them into a collection that he calls "9 Eyes."  I suspect the title comes from the multi-lensed cameras that are perched on top of the camera-cars.

While publicly updating his progress in the work, he has released 25 sample photos of his collection and the New York Daily News published them recently. 

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You can view the entire 25-image story in the Daily News HERE.  They are fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the entire complilation when it's made available.

Now we need to make our apparatus bay views and get things checked out for today.  Monday is the long checklist, remember.  Are any of our readers out there using e-tablets yet for the daily check list?  If you are, please let me know.  Meanwhile I will get more coffee going for us and then see you back in the day room after we finish.

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