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You Don’t Mess With the Big Guy

Pay Attention to Whose House You're About to Burgle

 A PAIR OF LOW-LIFE COPPER THIEVES in Houston, Texas, decided to strip the electric cables feeding the Westway Baptist Church one day last week.  It was expected to be easy pickings because, after all, nobody's there on weekdays, right?  Or maybe there is.

The two thieves were captured on a surveillance camera pulling up to the church lot and then going over to the meter box/connection with a set of bolt cutters.

For some reason, they were surprised when the power that they thought they had interrupted was still on and a massive flash bit them back, setting the bolt cutter-wielder on fire and running away.  The arc was so strong that it literally welded the bolt cutters to the cable.

ABC News

They went away empty-handed, and missing some tools, but at least one of them needed medical attention.  The police have sent notices to all the area hospitals to be on the lookout for suspicious burn victims, but so far they have not been located.  But their punishment has already begun, no doubt.

ABC Television News posted a video report from the scene that includes the explosive surveillance tape HERE.

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