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Despondent Woman Burns Her House, Kills Her Dogs – All 33 of Them

Something Didn't Go Right

NEW YORK STATE TROOPERS were called to respond to a house in the town of Greene yesterday (Monday) to check on a "despondent woman.'  When they arrived they found Michelle Keech, 62, sitting at her burned out house.

Michelle Keech

After questioning her, they determined that Keech had set her house on fire by lighting off the basement.  The fire heavily damaged her house and killed approx. 33 dogs that she had been keeping there.

She was subsequently charged with arson in the third degree, a class C felony, and felony aggravated cruelty to animals.  She has been released on her own recognizance.  Greene is in Chenango County (Binghamton area).  None of the news sources reporting on this story say that the fire department was ever called to the scene, although it may have been the FD that called for the police in the first place.

WBNG-TV has the STORY.

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