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Breaking In a New Engine – Literally

Brand New Rosenbauer/Mercedes

THE EBERN, GERMANY, VOLUNTEER FIRE Department just received their new Rosenbauer fire engine a few days ago, replacing their aged 1982 pumper.  A proud week for the local firefighters.

Rosenbauer factory photo

But it only lasted for a moment.  While three of the FF's were out on a familiarization drive today (Saturday) just before noon local time, the truck went off the road and rolled over against some trees.

According to the report posted by inFranken, the rear wheels drifted off the roadway and onto the soft shoulder and then the engine struck the parapet of a bridge over a small creek.  The new, 15-ton truck then rolled over in the soft, muddy ground, just missing the creek bed, and came to rest against a stand of trees.

None of the three firefighters were injured, but that is the only good news for the day.  The entire department membership is understandably despondent over the temporary loss of their new engine.  A special crane had to be brought out to right the truck and get it transported to the shop with what were described as "substantial" damages. has the story plus a 13-image photo gallery HERE.
The Ebern Feuerwehr (FD) website has factory photos of the truck just before delivery HERE.  (scroll down to view them)

Thanks to Christian Lewalter of Feuerwehr Weblog.

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