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Saturday CarToon: Big Blown DeVille

Santa's new ride!

Had enough German extremeness?

(it HAS been three consecutive weeks).

An interesting lead sled, a 1964 Cadillac convertible with a supercharger poking through the hood.

This is a 1964 Cadillac DeVille drop-top. It's got a blown 468 cubic-inch big block, 600 plus horsepower, and if you haven't figured it out by now, it's a friggin' carnival ride on four wheels.

I stumbled upon this amazing machine while walking through a car show in Alameda, CA and after speaking with owner Ron Dean, I knew it was something that had to be featured on BIG MUSCLE.

Stretching 20-feet in length and having a personality that simply can't be ignored, this old DeVille not only kicks sand in the face of other hot-rods, but does so while maintaining all the comfort and class that vintage Cadillac's are known for.

From the 2006 Alameda Rides:

Great video of Mike Musto driving down 101 "… giggling like a four year old."

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

(fixed YouTube link)

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