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Ambo. Never Shows Up for Infant CPR

The FastCar Arrived 90 Minutes After Mom Self Transported

A YOUNG COUPLE IN BRISTOL, ENGLAND, DID EVERYTHING right last week when their 2-week-old infant stopped breathing.  Unfortunately, they were the only ones who got it right after they phoned for an ambulance.  Luckily, the mother, Marie Fricker had first-aid and CPR training so she could begin infant CPR on her baby while waiting for the ambulance.  The ambulance that never showed up.

Baby Oliver and his parents

The Weston Mercury tells the tale:

Marie, who also has three other children, said: "I first noticed there was something wrong when I went to lift him and I knew something wasn’t right by his colour and how limp he was.  "I thought ‘something’s wrong’ and my nine-year-old asked me if he was dead. I tried to rouse him and he felt cold, so I moved away from the other children into the other room.

"He wasn’t breathing so I started to massage his chest and dialled 999 and was told ‘be assured, help is on its way’. They had to take another call and Oliver started to become a bit more alert and was making noises.  After 10 minutes there was no sign of an ambulance and I was trying to control myself. I dialled 999 again and spoke to someone different who also told me help was on its way. I told them I still needed help.

"A nurse then called me and she told me the ambulance service was very busy that night. I didn’t want to hear that when I had almost lost my baby. So we decided to take him to the children’s hospital ourselves.  Not far from there he stopped breathing again. I started massaging his chest but he was so limp. He was blue and lifeless. It was absolutely horrendous and something went incredibly wrong with the ambulance service."

Oliver stopped breathing again moments from reaching doctors and 37-year-old Marie was unable to bring him round a second time. On reaching the hospital medical experts [sic] managed to resuscitate him.

About 90 minutes after her initial call, a fastcar paramedic showed up, but they were long gone by then.  The Great Western Ambulance Service unit never did arrive.

Read the full STORY HERE.

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