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"Moving Out So That Others Can Move Up …."

MADISON TOWNSHIP (OHIO) TRUSTEES voted last week to hold a disciplinary hearing Jan. 14 for deputy fire chief Chris Wolfgang, who they claim violated the township’s social media policy.  The Mansfield News Journal tells us:

Trustees say Wolfgang posted negative comments about them on the Internet after he was laid off for budgetary reasons at a special meeting Sept. 8.

Last July, trustees held what was described as a pre-disciplinary hearing for Wolfgang on a similar charge that he violated department policy for making disrespectful comments on the Internet about past and current fire department supervisors and Trustee David Spain.

The action was dropped after the Richland County prosecutor’s office issued an opinion that trustees did not follow Ohio law, which requires that disciplinary or dismissal action against a department head or officer must be heard at the authority’s next regular meeting.

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THE HARRISON TOWNSHIP, INDIANA, TRUSTEE (near Kokomo) has arbitrarily removed the township's fire chief Jerry Eads from office just barely a month after he was elected to the position.  The trustee, Joyce Ancil wanted her son Mark to be the new fire chief, so she appointed him to the position. 

Harrison Twp. VFD  (Google Street View)

The Kokomo Tribune reports:

The ousted chief, Jerry Eads, is crying foul, saying it was a personal vendetta.  But Joyce Ancil, whose other son, David, sits on the fire corporation board and the township board, said she had to make the move because Eads’ training wasn’t where it needed to be.  "I did it to protect the township. This wasn’t something that was a lot of fun for me to do," she said Wednesday.

"I’m very bitter about it, because I’ve only actually been in office a little over a month, and [Joyce Ancil] has tried three times to get me removed, and on the fourth time, she was successful," he said.

Joyce Ancil said Eads was told he needed additional training in the National Incident Management System, a core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology and organizational processes for all big emergency incidents.  "He didn’t have the qualifications needed to be chief," Joyce said. "That put us in a bad spot, because if your chief doesn’t have certain qualifications, you can’t apply for grants."

According to Eads, the firefighters picked him over four other candidates, including Mark Ancil. He said the first election was disputed by the losers, so another election was held about two weeks later. (Eads) said he won the second election on a 22-7 vote over Gary Wysong, who was installed as Mark Ancil’s assistant chief Tuesday. Wysong had been serving as interim chief prior to the election.

It gets complicated, so read the entire ARTICLE HERE.

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