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Shantytown Fire Leaves Thousands Homeless

Firefighters Injured By Mob Trying to Take Hose Lines

FIRE SWEPT THROUGH A SHANTYTOWN IN MANILLA, Philippines, on Christmas day, leaving thousands homeless and untold numbers of injuries.

Sky News

Whe the local firefighters showed up to attack the blaze, mobs of residents attacked the firefighters, attempting to take away the fire hoses and direct the streams on their own homes.

A drunken man was wandering through the fireground claiming that he had started the fire, so he was set upon by the angry crowd and beaten to death.  Police later said that he was not the cause, instead the fire began in a shack where children were playing with candles.  The Associated Press is reporting:

Some 5,000 people were left homeless (some reports are saying 2,000 … ed.)and 13 people were hurt in the shantytown. The injured included two firefighters and a volunteer hit by rocks that were thrown by residents who were impatient and tried to grab fire hoses to save their own shanties, Cabog said.

As firefighters struggled to penetrate the narrow alleys, one of them was mauled by a mob and rescued by a police officer, Cabog said. Two fire trucks also were damaged in the violence.

"It’s Christmas and many of the men in the neighborhood were drunk," Cabog said, adding that some residents brandished knives.

Inquirer News has more DETAILS HERE.


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