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Community EMS Service Folds Under Financial Weight

Pymatuning Ambulance Ends Service January 31

THE PYMATUNING AMBULANCE SERVICE of Andover, Ohio, is a private non-profit EMS that serves the town plus five neighboring townships.  PAS employs approx. 20 EMT's and paramedics for 24-hr. coverage.  On Sunday the PAS president David Miller announced that the firm would cease operations and begin liquidating their assets on January 31.  The action was precipitated by the Andover Village Council's decision to accept a bid from another ambulance company to service the town.

The Ashtabula Star Beacon reports:

"We had a meeting today with our board of trustees, as the village chose Community Care Ambulance as their ambulance service provider on Friday," Miller said. "Given our precarious financial situation, with even one entity leaving our service, we felt we could not maintain business any longer."

Miller said PAS, a non-profit organization, asked the townships and villages to review options for service several weeks ago. "We have been having some financial issues," Miller said. "We decided to restructure our staff and still provide service to the community, but that just isn’t possible now."

Miller said $500,000 in unpaid bills to PAS, mostly by uninsured patients, was the main cause of the service’s financial woes.

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