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Mom & 4 Children Perish in House Fire

No Smoke Detectors

AN OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, FAMILY WAS DECIMATED Wednesday morning when a fire swept throught their house, trapping most of them inside.

Ch. 6 News

The Oklahoma City Fire Department  received the alarm at 6:30 am and when the first units arrived on the scene they had fire showing from every window of the house.  The FF's knew there were reports of children trapped, but had to knock the fire back before they could get inside to search.  Once they did, they found the bodies of Jeanine Bonnett, 28, and her four children ages 8, 7, 5 and 3.  A sixth person, a man in his thirties was found critically burned over his body and is in the hospital burn unit.

The Oklahoman

It was quickly determned by the fire investigator that the fire was started by a space heater that had been placed to closely to a sofa.  There were no smoke detectors in the house.  Fire Battalion Chief Randy Cornelius says that the presence of smoke alarms may very well have made the difference in saving lives in this case.

KOCO-TV Ch. 5 filed this video report:


For more details on the incident, refer to:

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Comments - Add Yours

  • north chief

    All the news reports and FD reports describe this house as fully involved, fire from every window. The 2 photos show a house that I would not describe as fully involved and they show no evidence of fire damage venting from them. This is a terrible tragedy but I just wonder about the descriptions and reporting of conditions.

    • firegeezer

      I, too, noticed the lack of smoke stains or charring around the first-floor windows.  But I believe the news people were relying on the Batt. Chief’s statement:  “When we arrived on scene we had heavy flames coming from every window and every door,” said Cornelius..

      Puzzling, true.