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Firefighters Rescue Car Plunge Victim in France

Cause Still Unknown

A CAR CARRYING TWO PASSENGERS IN La ROCHELLE, France, drove into the sea at 7:45 am Friday morning, killing one of the passengers.  The responding firefighters were able to rescue the second passenger, however.

Sud Ouest

The car was carrying two women ages 23 and 26 when it came speeding down the street to the seaport docks area.  Instead of making the turn at the end of the street, it went straight across the dockside and over the seawall into the water.  Even though the tide was low, the car still went under the water.  The younger passenger was able to self-extricate and managed to hang onto the top until the FD arrived.  The other woman was trapped inside, unable to get out and died on the spot.


Investigators are trying to determine what went wrong to cause the car to go into the water, and are hoping that the survivor in the hospital will be able to offer some clues.

Sud Ouest has the STORY.
Sud Ouest also has a 17-image photo gallery HERE.

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