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4-Alarm Warehouse Fire in Chicago

3-Story Brick Stucture Fully Involved

A 3-STORY BRICK FACTORY / WAREHOUSE in Chicago, Illinois, burned out and partially collapsed Saturday afternoon.  The building was occupied, but it has not yet been disclosed what sort of business was using it or what was inside that was burning. 

ChicagoAreaFire / Haak

The Chicago Tribune is reporting:

The blaze was reported in a 100-by-300 foot, 2-story warehouse at 2444 W. 21st St. about 1:12 p.m., and as of 1:20 p.m. evacuations were underway, according to Fire Media. The 3-11 alarm was called at 1:40 p.m., and the 4-11 alarm followed soon after. The 4-11 alarm was struck out at about 3:47 p.m.

At about 2:43 p.m., Fire Media reported the building was starting to collapse.

Heavy smoke was seen coming from the building as firefighters arrived, and fire was reported throughout the structure, according to Fire Media. All companies were working, with 11 master streams on the fire, and firefighters experienced exposure problems.

ChicagoAreaFire tells us:

First units found a three-story, brick, commercial factory/warehouse well involved. The alarms quickly escalated to a 4-11 with an EMS Plan I and a Haz Mat Level I. The building was bounded on the west by railroad tracks and on the north by the elevated CTA tracks which were shut down for several hours. The EMS Plan was secured quickly and the 4-11 wasn’t struck out until roughly 4PM. Some companies remained on the scene throughout the night.

Two Snorkels (Squad 1 and the reserve Snorkel) were working along with four tower ladders (5, 10, 39 & 54).

ChicagoAreaFire / Haak

Dave Weaver, Radioman911 also reports from his radio transcriptions:

13:08 E23 looking for rubbish 2500 W. Cullerton St. / Full Still b/o Main FAO for 2444 W. 21st St.

13:13 Still & Box Alarm b/o Batt 4 for 3 story 200×100 smoke on 2nd fl and heavy smoke from several 1st fl windows »

13:20 2-11 Alarm b/o 2-2-1 reports heavy fire throughout 3 story warehouse 200×150 » Companies go defensive » Batt 2 requests CTA Pink Line be shut down »

13:31 2-2-1 requests additional TL and reserve snorkel » Corrected size-up by 2-2-1 is at least 300×150 » 13:38 3-11 Alarm b/o 2-1-28 plus 2 additional TLs »

13:45 4-11 Alarm / EMS Plan 1 / Level 1 HazMat b/o 2-1-28 » 13:58 2-7-1/Batt 4 4 master streams on West side of building making little progress » 14:00 EMS Plan 1 secured b/o 2-1-28 » 14:04 2-1-3 in command / All officers switch to Ch 5 Command » 14:30 2-7-1/2-1-3 11 master streams working, gas company digging in Sector 1 to shut off main, 1 line to sprinkler system in Sector 4.


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