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Morning Lineup – December 30

Sunday Morning – No Information Yet

There's added interest to that  Russian airliner crash in Moscow yesterday primarily beccause of the personal video that popped up on the internet last night.  The dashcam video recorded in a private automobile that caught the plane parts raining down on the highway is a fascinating video, no doubt.  If you haven't seen it yet, just scroll down to the posting immediately preceding this one where we have the early report along with videos and photos from the crash scene.  It will take a while to learn what the cause of the crash was, and we may never really learn the truth of the matter thanks to the clownish actions of the Russian public relations representatives.

RT / Reuters

Regular readers are aware that we often chide the "officials" whenever there is a major incident in any of the former Soviet nations.  Practically without exception, whenever there is a major fire ongoing we will quickly hear from the local information kommissar that the fire was "caused by an electrical short circuit," even though there are flames blasting out of every window of the old-age home and no investigation has even been able to get started yet.

Well, the short-circuit guy was pressed into extra duty yesterday and he was admirably on the scene quickly and able to tell the assembled press that this plane crash was caused by "pilot error," regardless of the mechanical condition of the plane or having heard any radio traffic from the tower prior to the incident.  But the local press sheeple dutifully wrote that down (we always refuse to pass along these early pronouncements) and this morning they are busy erasing their notes because a higher-ranking propagandist has informed everybody that the real cause of the crash was "bad brakes."  So you may briefly see that one bandied about for a while until somebody admits that they have retrieved the blackboxes and will start to review the information that is stored on them, such as the speed of the plane when it touched down and the positions of the flaps, etc.  And even then, we don't always get the truth from them.  It's the same old worn routine that they use over and over and over.

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We're keeping an eye on the National Hockey League chit-chat this weekend as they are running out of time to come to an agreement with the players' union and save the season.  We told you in yesterday's Lineup that the owners had presented a serious proposal (300 pages long) Thursday night and the union reps. went through it all day Friday jotting down questions, clarifications, and perhaps some counter-proposals.  Yesterday (Saturday) the two sides conferred via conference calls to haggle over the proposal.  The Associated Press is reporting this morning:

The initial thought was that the sides would get together Sunday in New York to hold official negotiations for the first time in weeks, but those weren't scheduled before discussions ended Saturday.

Staff level calls were expected to resume Sunday, which could include face-to-face talks at some point, but no actual bargaining meetings have been set.

"Some more informational sessions in the morning,'' NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The Associated Press regarding Sunday. "Nothing planned beyond that.''

Lockout Day #106

The league office did not issue any press statement yesterday at all.  I'm reading that as "ongoing discussions," and some progress being made because they aren't tossing out buzz words and negotiating ploys.  I will be watching the press office up there today so that you don't have to.

But we all have to take our morning look at the equipment and get it checked out now.  I'll see that the Bunn-O-Matic is loaded up for the Sunday breakfast that will be ready soon.  See you back in the day room in a little while.  And thanks for dropping by and visiting with us today.

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