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Another Ambulance Squad Turns Out the Lights

71 Years of Service Comes To An End

THE EGG HARBOR CITY, NEW JERSEY, Volunteer Ambulance Squad locked their doors and turned out the lights yesterday (Sunday).  After 71 years of providing emergency ambulance service for their neighbors and citizens, the Atlantic County squad has run out of funds and their ability to raise enough donations to continue has diminished to the point of being unable to continue.

WMGM-TV in Wildwood reported:

It was an emotional scene Sunday as a 71 year-old pillar of the community prepared to close its doors. The Egg Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad held an open house to give former and current members, as well as the community, a chance to say goodbye.

Egg Harbor Ambulance Squad  (GoogleStreetView)

"Today we close our doors after 71 years of volunteer service to Egg Harbor City and the surrounding community, financially, we can no longer keep our doors open," said Chief of the Egg Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad Barbara Adams.

Officials say costly maintenance fees for equipment and the building coupled with less and less money raised throughout the years by fundraisers brought about the shutdown.

At the open house, visitors had the chance to sort through photos and other memories gathered over the last seven decades. "This is from 71 years, its plaques, its pictures, its certificates, it's our lives," said Adams.

For treasurer and 40 year volunteer Steve Hadley, the shutdown brings about several emotions. "A little bit of everything. Some members are angry that you know, we couldn't continue to do what everyone loves to do and that is serve the public. It's not by anyone's fault or anything, besides the anger some people are just genuinely upset," said Hadley.

EMS coverage will be continued by a private firm, AtlantiCare.

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