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5-Bagger at Uncle Bob’s

Another Self-Storage Facility

A FIRE BROKE OUT DURING THE EARLY-MORNING HOURS Tuesday at Uncle Bob's Self Storage in Linden, New Jersey.  The blaze spread through the individual units through the open areas between units under the roof, which is typical for those types of occupancies.


The fire was first reported at 1:18 am and is believed to have started in the center of the complex.  It quickly escalated to five alarms as firefighters from 11 departments tried to get into the locked storage cells ahead of the fire.  It was finally knocked down at 7:30 am after consuming about 30% of the units.  The roof over the central portion of the fire area collapsed during the blaze.  One firefighter suffered a shoulder injury before the last of the units left the scene at noon.


The Newark Star-Ledger has the STORY.

Thanks to Mark D.

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