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Lorain Denies Application From Prospective Member

She Failed the Sobriety Test

LORAIN, OHIO, FIREFIGHTERS HAD TO turn away a new volunteer early New Year's morning when she demonstrated her inability to follow orders. 

The quick character check began shortly after 1 am Tuesday morning when Miranda Lewis, 21, began pounding on the front door of the central fire station while yelling that somebody was threatening her.  When one of the firefighters opened the door, she ran into the engine bay and scampered up onto the top of the pumper's hose bed and took a death grip on the deluge nozzle.  When the FF's tried to convince her to come down, she only yelled and screamed louder.

The party is over at the Lorain Central Fire Station
(Google Street View)

The Chronicle-Telegram continues:

Police tried to talk Lewis down off the fire truck, but police said Lewis was intoxicated and refused to stop clinging to the water nozzle. Lewis had to be pried off by several police officers, according to a police report.

Lewis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and disorderly conduct persisting and taken to Lorain City Jail.

Police said the fire truck Lewis had climbed on was considered "in service" by firefighters, and had an emergency call come in, it would have caused a delay in service.

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