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Saturday Car-Toon: The DecoLiner

"A sculpture that works"

Much longer than our normal Car-Toons.   This is a fascinating story of creativity:

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2012

The Blastolene Story – The Decoliner. Half GMC RV, half creative genius by master craftsman Randy Grubb.

From Sonia Renthlei in Blastolene's DecoLiner redefines luxury motorhome on

Most of Blastolene’s works have been single-handedly taken care of by Grubb himself and the DecoLiner is no different. A 1978 GMC motorhome’s chassis was used by partner, Michael Leeds, over which sat the cab of a 1955 White cab-over engine. Structural ribs, an aluminum body and a new grille complete the look.

The most distinct feature, however, has to be the flying bridge which can accommodate five adults, and the window on each riser. Incidentally, the DecoLiner can also be steered from the roof. For this, Grubb and his team designed the steering wheel in the cab in such a way that it can be removed and connected to control arms up on the roof.

Blastolene web site

DecoLiner construction pictures 



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