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Another Stolen Ambulance

The Crew Inside Heard the Backup Alarm Sounding

A BOULDER COUNTY, COLORADO, MAN was arrested this morning (Sunday) shortly after he stole an ambulance in Longmont because he was cold (and drunk…. ed.).  An AMR ambulance and a Longmont fire unit responded around 3 am for an 86-yr.-old woman who had fallen in her residence.  While the crews were inside tending to their patient, the ambulance crew heard the backup alarm sounding on their unit and ran outside where they could see the ambulance tooling down the road.

They immediately notified the police and a patrol located the ambulance around 3:20 am just six blocks away and being driven by Robert Elmar Taylor, 51.  During his arrest he told officers that he was cold.  Police say Taylor was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He also failed a field sobriety test. 

Taylor was arrested and charged with the theft of the ambulance and driving under the influence of alcohol.  No supplies were reported used or missing from the ambulance and there was no report of the vehicle being damaged.  Later investigation disclosed that Taylor had an outstanding arrest warrant for escaping from the Colorado Department of Corrections.  He is currently being held in the Boulder County jail.

The Longmont Times Call has the STORY.

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