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Sunday Matinee

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Cartoon Feature

Goofy stars in "Hockey Homicide"  (1945)


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Short Subject

"Company Response" 

Produced by Los Angeles Fire Dept. circa 1955


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Feature Presentation

This week we have a special treat for you.  This is the original pilot episode for Emergency! that was broadcast before the popular series began its first regular season.  Until recently, this video has been rarely seen sitnce its initial broadcast on January 20, 1972.  In addition to setting the scene for the upcoming series, it correctly addresses the conflict within the medical profession at the time as to the wisdom of establishing the Paramedic program by training firefighters instead of medical professionals.  So enjoy this special presentation (and thanks to Carmine S. for catching this for us):

Emergency! – Pilot Episode

"The Wedsworth-Townsend Act"


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