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Morning Lineup – January 8

Tuesday Morning – A New Year, a New Calendar

Have you gotten used to writing "2013" on your checks, etc., yet?  I filled out a batch of bills the other day for the first time this year and, surprisingly, I had no mishaps or spoiled checks.  It all went so smoothly that I didn't even notice that anything was different.  I also have all my wall- and desk-calendars replaced with the current models, but I'm usually pretty good about getting that task completed in a timely manner.  But speaking of wall calendars, I just learned of a unique "pinup"calendar that was released in Germany.

Three self-described "computer nerds" prepared and got printed in time for the new year a full-color Nerd's Dream Calendar that features a sexy pinup girl posing with a vintage computer for each month. describes their venture:

The Nerd Dreams Calendar every month presents a classic computer being operated by a young woman.

The oldest device in the collection is the Commodore PET 2001 from 1977, presented by Steffanie in an office, but the calendar also includes much-loved historical milestones for the sad-and-lonely everywhere, such as the Commodore C64, the Atari ST, as well as a number of Macs from the early days of Apple.

"We just wanted to make the calendar that we always wanted ourselves," said Nerd Dreams programmer Jan Kaufmann from Karlsruhe.

Miss November, Laura is tied to the NextCube, just like we're all tied to the internet.
Steve Jobs built the NextCube after getting fired from Apple 1988/89. Tim Berners-Lee then used it
to program the first server and browser and gave birth to the WWW as we know it.

The Nerds have a promotional webpage (of course!) that has a video featuring Miss July, Amelie putting some joy back in her stick on a Commodore C64:


The Nerds claim that the pinups are really "family friendly" photos, so don't be worried about that part of it.  You can order one these for yourself through their WEBSITE HERE where they claim that they will ship globally and accept payments through PayPal.  Ahhh… don't you just love the internet?

I think I see a new way to make the morning checksheet more interesting.  Hmmmm.   Let's grab the clipboards and get started with that now.   I see the coffee pot is getting low and needs restoration.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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