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Fiery Truck Plunge Kills Driver in California

Truck Drops 40 ft. From Overpass

A TRACTOR-TRAILER MARKED WITH ACE HARDWARE logo's collided with a pickup truck on a Vallejo, California, roadway this morning (Thursday) around 6:45 am Pacific.  The blow caused the larger truck to careen to the side which happened to be on an overpass where the rig went through the guard rail and dropped about 40 feet to the land below.  It landed on its side and shortly after started burning. 

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The San Francisco Chronicle explains:

Witnesses who had been driving on Highway 29, including an off-duty paramedic, ran to the truck and found the driver hanging upside down, tangled in his seat belt, said CHP Officer Chris Parker. They pulled the driver out of the truck and he was taken to a hospital, where he died, said CHP Officer James Evans.

The pickup truck driver was not injured.

Firefighters let the truck burn because they were unsure of what was inside, Parker said. The fire officers reported a series of small explosions taking place as the fire grew.  The Solano County hazardous materials team also responded to the scene.

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